Parenting Support

Not all behaviours that we find difficult are necessarily pathological. Sometimes, the stages of development can look a little frightful to us as parents, and yet are perfectly normative for the age and stage your child is in. Do you struggle to set boundaries and stick to them? Do you feel that there is a lack of understanding between you and your child? Perhaps you would like to improve the communication flow and have your child know that they can come to you with whatever is on their minds.

We all want to raise happy, independent, resilient children who can explore the world with confidence and make good choices. To do this, it helps to provide a secure base from which a child feels comfortable to try new things, safe in the knowledge that they have backup when things get tough. Sometimes this means changing the behaviour that we model, recognising our own maladaptive patterns, and occasionally tweak our parenting methods to get the right results.



Get help wherever you are

On top of face-to-face counselling, we also offer online therapy via video link for your convenience. You can talk to us from the comfort of your own home.